Lake Lucerne (434 m above sea level) is fascinating due to its picturesque landscape and historical sites and a boat trip is a great way to enjoy the beautiful region at a slow pace.



Our students enjoy these boat trips with their peers and since there are many different boat trips available at the 38km long Lake Lucerne, there’s always something new to see and admire in these short cruises.

And although sunny clear weather is great for a boat trip, it's still worth it if it's cloudy or drizzling. 




There's plenty to admire among the shores such as: the idyllic hill landscape around the lake, the city of Lucerne with its medieval skyline and many more which offer a unique experience for everyone who chooses to go on a lake boat trip!

And since these trips in Lake Lucerne offer unforgettable memories to whoever chooses to go on a boat ride, such kind of excursions and many more are offered to the B.H.M.S. students during their study journey in Switzerland!


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