B.H.M.S. participated for second time in "The Future Chef Contest" which is an annual student Culinary Competition similar to the MasterChef in Asia.

This year the contest started on 22nd of April and is taking place at the Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.
The competitors will have 3 rounds of competitions before the winner is declared the end of May 2018.

B.H.M.S. is one of its sponsors and our Executive Chef and Culinary Program Leader, Mr. Shaun Leonard, represented B.H.M.S. in the first round of this Culinary Competition. 
Our alumnus Mr. Thanh Truong from Vietnam, assisted Mr. Leonard during a cookery demonstration in front of all the participants and other sponsors.

Below you can see some photos of our participation in the Future Chef Contest 2018







It was a great experience to participate one more time in this great Festival!

You can follow the next rounds of the Competition on their official Facebook page.

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