One of the biggest advantages of studying at B.H.M.S. is exposure to different cultures and motivated people from all over the world. The school's social environment combines students of 95 different nationalities and creates a unique opportunity to build lifelong friendships and valuable connections.

Our students truly value the friendships that they acquire while studying in Switzerland. Three of our soon-to-be Bachelor Degree graduates from Switzerland, Germany and Denmark have kindly shared with us an incredible story of how they met and experienced a beautiful friendship thanks to B.H.M.S.


"We are three very different people who have become very close friends throughout the last three years. We come from three different countries: Switzerland, Germany and Denmark. Studying together and building this amazing relationship has not only taught us so much, but it has simply made our studying experience fantastic and a wonderful memory."


"During the last three years, we have traveled to eight cities and five countries together, gone to festivals, retreats, workout classes and participated in the Lucerne city marathon. Because of our differences, we have learned a great deal from each other. Michelle, from Switzerland, has influenced us with her strong commitment to health and exercise. Amira, from Germany, has taught us about kindness and inner peace. Maria, from Denmark, has demonstrated independence and self-respect."


"Engaging in relationships at B.H.M.S. ensured that we made friendships on a global level and build connections for life. Studying at BHMS has given us an excellent education and a tremendous friendship for life and for that we are thankful. Thank you B.H.M.S.!".


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