Student Life


Students come from 70 nations with various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. They speak different languages and have different beliefs, yet they all share one thing in common: the ambition to achieve a successful career in the global hospitality industry. Because of this constant cultural exchange and engagement in a multicultural community, students absorb an experience that is crucial to future leaders within the global village: the ability to work and communicate with people of different origins.


The language of instruction in all courses is English. However, students also learn German and French as the knowledge of several languages is an important asset in the hotel industry. Good knowledge of the German language will also help students to communicate with the local community and guarantee them a suitable industry placement in the German part of Switzerland.

Field trips & industry related excusions

BHMS organizes periodically voluntary and mandatory fieldtrips as well as industry related excursions inside and outside Switzerland during the academic year. These study and leisure trips are designed to expose BHMS students to Swiss and European life style and business conduct.